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Thanks all. Its was just me and no one was hurt.

For those that know me they know I'm not a stranger to fast speeds even with cars in close proximity...lots of car events and track time. So I wasnt too worried. It was just appalling the 'dinkus' attitude this person had. And only because a Ford Escape SUV was able to accelerate in front of him to get into the on ramp 'safely'. I wasnt even trying to race. I just wanted to get on the highway to get to the subway quickly to pick up my daughter as it was late, dark and cold.

Even if I was in summer car I wouldn't be that wreckless to taking the ramp at winter at 140+ and passing on a merging lane/shoulder like this dinkus did.
And then intentionally getting in front of a vehicle in the slow lane and start hitting the brakes. This is when I started high beaming him due to his mad driving skills.

It is sad to see people like this driving around with attitude like this.

ps: the new Ford Escape is a pretty peppy machine 2.0L Turbo 4 240hp and 270hp torque. Thats as good if not higher in torque than a stock 328. I guess when he tried to overtake in the shoulder/merging lane he wasnt getting any ground and that possibly pissed him off.