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How much would you buy my PC for?

Thinking about selling my PC since I hardly use it for gaming now. I built it 2 years ago and added a few parts along the way.

My specs are:
Intel i7 Bloomfield 950 OC to 4.2ghz
Nvidia GTX 550ti 2gb video card
2TB 7600rpm (I think) HD
Thermatake liquid cooling system
Coolmaster 930 case
Corsair 750w PSU
8gb DDR3 corsair RAM
ASUS PX7whateveritscalled mobo

It had a windows 7 enterprise key, but when I switched my mobo's, Microsoft thinks it fake.

I paid about $1400 for it all together since the original build.

I'm guessing I could get at least $750 for it.

Just looking to get opinions on how much it would be worth now.
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