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Porsche Cayman S 24hr test drive pics

Collected the car from Porsche Leeds at 1pm on Wednesday. Full tank of fuel and a polite request not to pile the miles on

First impressions:

Looks great in the grey. Real sense of occasion when you get in. Feels like a sports car should. Simple instrumentation, everything to hand, spacious for a 2 seater, but compact. Excellent driving position once I got used to the offset brake pedal.

Optional extras on the model supplied:
Metallic paint,alloy handbrake and gear shift levers, sat nav and phone prep, full leather, BOSE upgrade.

In the city:
Feels heavier than the BM and is definitely noisier. Very precise gear change, heavy-ish clutch, weighty steering. Odd whine to the engine at low revs, that you soon get used to. Headturner! Loads of looks from young and old. Not to everyone's taste, but I love it!

Rapid, quite a bit of tyre noise, engine sounds great under acceleration. Very poised and steady.

A roads:

Amazing. Really flies, every moment a joy! Sweeps around bends and dispatches slower traffic with ease.

B roads:

Wow! Took this baby up over the moors towards Skipton, past Bolton Abbey, Blubberhouses Moor, Stump Cross etc. Anyone familiar with this area of Yorkshire will know that the roads are built for keen drivers and mid-week are pretty quiet. The car is simply fantastic. Very rapid acceleration in every gear, superb at overtaking just about anything and the engine HOWLS up to 7000rpm. Holds the road like glue and inspires huge confidence. Every corner is such great fun. (Wife told me to take it easy. Yeh, right!). Impossible to describe how it handles. Go drive one! I've never drive such a FUN machine. And triple figures arrive with such ease, (on private land).


Love the BMW, but this Porsche is on my most wanted list. Already doing the sums and working out how and when! :rocks::rocks:

Link to some pics on Photobucket.