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Originally Posted by ///Mposter View Post
Wondering if you know that the cost of DIY painting.
Bulldog adhesion promoter$ 23/qt
Primer $15/qt
Primer reducer $5qt
Color $50/pt or qt ( depends)
Color reducer $15/qt
Clear $40/qt
Clear activator $10/ 1/2pt

Total $158

My personal preference is 3 guns.
Husky hvlp $75

Or harbor freight $15 one use only then junk em. Lol

Good compressor 20 gallon and at least 3.5 HP ( lots of air flow for full vehicle painting projects) $400

Hoses and adapters $25

Total project
$743 The first time

Cost for paint parts individually at your body shop?

2,000 m3 bumper
2,000 carbon hood
2,000. Carbon trunk
1000 side skirts

In reality, if they do pre-paint panels they should be able to match the paint with the car before painting the real car. No blending is needed. Clear coat sometimes is more yellow than clear so it changes the color slightly.

I hope the best for you and hope more people start to DIY.
He just said it was 1900 to paint all of those. What body shop charges that much to paint? And honestly $750 to buy all the parts and DIY, I would pay the extra $1150 to have the shop paint and blend my car for me. Takes stress off of my everyday life and most of us dont have time to do all that. And with a DIY its really hard to get your paint to match correctly, reminds me of the time I took had some mobile guy come to paint of of my panels that had scratches on it.