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This guy continues to break laws throughout the entire video, weaves in and out of his lane, and then passes on the RIGHT, that's like the first thing you learn when driving...

honestly, videos like this make me not even want a E90 335i anymore.. reputation as someone said, is getting worse and worse as the price continues to come down..

Guess I'll pay the premium and shoot for an F30 once 2012s come down in price :/

Edit: I watched this in school earlier with the volume down, after hearing that drivers voice in the beginning, I am so glad this happened. Just wish as others said he destroyed the car flying into some brush, instead of damaging someone else's property, and spine... Should've chosen slow lol.. + LOL after the wreck you hear that NA V8 disappearing into the night. I'm sure the driver blamed the sensible passenger for talking to him and causing the wreck.
Brooklyn, NYC

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