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Originally Posted by bmwm-power View Post
cheers mate theres a print off of the diagnostic the code is 93B2 Safety Battery Terminal

i rang up my local dealer was quoted approx 31 + vat for the BST (red box thing on the battery) but was advised to buy the battery cable aswell at 90 ish + vat !!

surely we dont need the whole cable?.. should be able to just pull out/unplug the old cable and slot into the new BST. has anyone changed theres...any guides available. I rang my local bmw breaker and he said that the BST can be changed on its own.

I have not seen your posted video and I am not sure what is in it. (internet is playing on my side, otherwise would have looked at it).

There is a lot of wrong info on the internet. If you are having BST code, it is not related to BST box, but the red cable.

That cable runs from the battery to BST box and that becomes faulty.

You'd require the new battery cable, not the box. Box itself has only fuses in it and it works like a distribution box (in audiophile world).

As your breaker said, BST can be changed on its own, but that does not develop fault at all.

Go for red cable and after changing it, you'd require a code resetter to reset the code.

If you are not sure, take out BST box. Open it from underneath and see inside. If any metal plate is fused / melted, then BST box is your target. 90% it is BST cable.