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Originally Posted by BigFoig View Post
You must be joking about how paying duties and taxes justifies that scummy move. The only reason you reported rene for organizing another groupbuy is because it will hurt your bottom line. Shit if another company started selling cams for $50 less than i was selling it for id e pissed too. But thats part of business. Its called competition. I still dont know why you went cring to mommy after rene was the one to help you start up your business in the first place. You are the only that asked rene how to import this as cheap as possible. Afterwords you started selling cams and no one minded. But as soon as rene wanted to start another griupbuy you got all mad because you got scared you would lose customers. Lets face it the return on customers is low. Your not selling food. So you got scared.

Lol at being the first authorized dealer in canada. You know damn well rene was the first one to be authorized but since you like to backstab the people who helped you start up in the first place thats pretty scummy. No you didnt have to report anything. The only reason your now calling pittasoft and not two months back is because of people like me who realize how scummy you are and are voicing their opinions. You knew that the cams warranty was being voided and so anyone with problems would have to buy from you. Now with all this negative publicity of your company you decided to call pittasoft and inform them of the pending backlash of consumers.

Face it your blackvue sales are down. You got banned on the site where all this came about because of how you handled things. And since your company is ecommerce your scared of people like me who write real reviews of how you do business.

Its cool to make a dollar and all but not at the expense of others. Certainly not at the expense of your mentor rene.

wow... just wow.. You don't know me at all and you do not know what happened. Whatever I say, you are not going to believe anything.

Rene was not a certified distributor. He did a one time group buy and that was it. It is different from being a regular full time distributor. At the end of the day, Blackvue did offer him a certificate of dealership as he sold many, many units. Rene himself does not call him as a seller. He is not doing this for business.

As for your mentor comment, where did you hear that I learned everything from him? I did email him, but he never helped me out in getting these units or so. When I first called him regarding this issue, he didnt even have a memory of me emailing him. He is not my mentor.

I never told them to void the warranty. When Mr. John from Pittasoft emailed Rene, I called them back and told them this is not how to run a service in North America. I will stand by on the warranty that Rene sold.

Again you are mad and you won't believe what I say. But spreading rumours of something that is not true is not right. You don't know me and you don't know the truth of this whole incident. Yet you are assuming in what you want to believe in and make it sound like you know everything from start to end.