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Coded my mirrors to close as soon as I press lock on Keyfob

Tonight I coded to my E93 which enables the side mirrors to fold in the same time the door is locked..Before when I press the lock button on the keyfob the mirrors would not fold in until I held the keyfob for an additonal 2 seconds or so. Now after coding the side mirrors folds in simultaneously with locking of the car. This coding makes it soooo much more efficient then standing there holding the lock button to have mirrors close. I hit the lock button one time and walk away knowing mirrors will fold immediately! For those that have COMFORT ACCESS, this also works too...As soon as you press the ridges on the door handle the doors lock and mirrors fold in within a half second!!!

Requires Nettodat coding using NCSdummies


Choose one of the values you want to custom set it to.
new value 00 (instantly)
new value 05 (.5 seconds)
new value 0A (1 second)
Default value 0F (2.5 seconds)

Code it in and your DONE

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