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Question CC-ID 132: The ghost in the machine

2006 330xi: A few days ago I started to get a light warning (lightbulb with an exclimation mark on startup). There are no lights out, every single bulb inside and outside (major stuff obviously but even under handles, and license plate, etc.) is working fine. There was a blackened but still working bulb in the rear right tail light which I replaced assuming it was the culprit with no luck.

Poking into the check control computer says CC-ID 132. Which looking up the code says "FRM 132 Front Right Side Light Failure" which should be the passenger side little turn signal side light behind the front wheel. Took quite a lot of digging but I eventually figured out how to get that off and re-seated the bulb to no effect. I then swapped the left and right to see if I could get the code to change to no effect. The left side light works on the right side (entire housing swapped) and the code stays the same even when the left side is unplugged which should theoretically change something since there's now a known fault (missing bulb) on the driver side...

My understanding is that it detects bulb failures by resistance so I did a resistance test on the side bulbs and they're both exactly the same (3.4ohms if it matters). For shits and giggles I did a resistance test on every single rear bulb on both sides and their housings as well since they're super easy to get at and they're all +/- 0.1 ohms of 1 ohm resistance so nothing stands out there.

So either:
CC-ID 132 doesn't actually mean the right side light behind the front tire, in which case where do I look next? the xenon housings are pretty daunting and hard to get at...
The problem is in the right side light but up stream from the external connection somewhere, so where does that wire go?

Can anyone confirm that cc-id 132 with a light error is indeed the right side light?

Does anyone have any suggestions where to look next? That extra bong, warning light, and then warning triangle all the time are driving me insane.

If it makes any difference (shouldn't but you never know) it's been pretty cold and wet here recently (nothing especially different when it started, and it has been warmer and dryer and it's persisted). Also I had a low washer fluid warning about a day before the light warning started. Just shut up the warning icon for that and then the lights bring the triangle of harassment right back... Also have slapped an OBD2 scanner on it just cause why not and everything is squeaky clean (wouldn't expect an OBD2 error for this but it doesn't look like there's anything major that might be being misinterpreted or something)