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Sorry but that is the most perverse logic and worst suggestion for buying insurance I've ever heard:
It is?

Have you ever had a claim dealt with by BMW?

Shopping on price could be a mugs game
So you are saying: Ignore confused - which will show you more or less the cheapest price
Why are you on Confused, if your not looking for the cheapest?

Or did you mean you were 'Confused'?

Confused's advertising leads you to beleive they search all.....they don't, therefore they're lying, so will not get my business, or recomendation.

I also insure the wife with BMW, on a non BMW.

Maybe the fact that i have a clean licence, and reasonable post code helps, but until the man tries for himself, who knows?

Policies can have loads of magic wording, until its tested, its worth nothing, like when you insist on a BMW repair centre, and they won't give you a courtesy car as a result...who wants a Micra anyway.

Oh, Zurich private clients are very good as well