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Wow, can i just take a step back and say, what the hell is everybody's problem with "the price of the car going down results in dumbasses" Didn't know we had such an elitist problem, yeah im a 22 year old kid with a 335, lock me up and throw away the key i must be a street racing, coke snorting idiot. Get off your high horses, just because you own a BMW doesn't mean you belong to some brotherhood of geniuses and naturally born motorists. The car means nothing, for every idiot like that there is 20 or 30 young people who actually respect the rules of the road and the safety of other motorists.
BTW, both drivers should face serious penalties, just kinda scratching my head at how some people can stand to reason that because an idiot bought a 335 and though he was in his very own fast and furious movie, suddenly the car platform has been sullied forever and we should all upgrade to more expensive cars.