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Intake Development - Interest?


I'm thinking about developing an intake setup for our 335D. I wanted to poll the forum to see how many people would be interested. If there is interest, I will look into it. I will not be trying to get rich off the intakes, I just want enough to cover development costs + shipping from Asia + small profit to make it worth my time.

As we all know we probably can't run a CAI because of space limitations behind the bumper. However, i will look into the option for you guys. It will most likely be a box setup like one of the forum members on here fabbed up.

The reasons I want to develop this intake at a low cost:

I want one for myself!

I want to give the community a reasonable priced intake option for the 335D. Paying $500+ for an air filter and box is completely unreasonable.

How many of you would be interested? Please state how much you are willing to pay. Please be reasonable with the price point because this will be a one time run at a low number. Typical with manufacturing the more we can make equates to lower cost. This will be a low run because our community is very small.