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E9X Owners, What type of oil/filter are you currently running?

For everyone who car is out of warranty(4 years or 50K+ miles). Have you decided to stay with BMW recommend Castol oil or have you decided to try a different brand oil? Also, if you switch to a different brand, what type of filter are you going with?

I have an 08 328 w/23k miles and rarely drive it. The last time it had its oil change, was when it was in warranty. Now, I would like to use royal purple. Has anyone had experience of running royal purple in your engine? What type of filter did you go with the purple? I bought royal purple and bosh oil filter today. I'm not a fan of Castol oil. I've used royal purple on my previous cars, but not on my bmw, so this is new. Also, what are some other good oil and filter brands?