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This feels like......

Originally Posted by djgandy View Post
Wear and tear is the answer there my friend. How do you determine what the reasonable lifetime for a part is?

If you are worried about generic things, put the money in the bank and pay for the repairs yourself. If you are worried about engine/turbo/fuel pump failure then buy a warranty. Also know though in those situations you'll often get good will from BMW for parts if you have a full BMW service history, so unless it's a 10 hours labor job you can still be better off without a warranty.

We're arguing for arguing's sake

The Warranty Direct contract determines the lifetime. If the consumable fails prematurely i.e before the end of the defined lifetime, its covered.

I really don't get your next sentence. Why pay for it myself when the Warranty Direct warranty is cheaper than BMWs AND covers 'generic things'?

I am worried about engine/turbo, fuel pump/ suspension so I did buy a warranty. I just didn't buy it from BMW for 900+, I bought if elsewhere for 500 something, while still having the work done by BMW. Major warranty providers don't pay franchised dealers what Joe Public pays. They have buying power so get preferential rates. That's partly how they generate their margins.

With current labour rates, my annual warranty is equivalent to 6 hours total; no parts. With some faults, diagnosis can run that long!