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Originally Posted by SteveC View Post
We're arguing for arguing's sake

The Warranty Direct contract determines the lifetime. If the consumable fails prematurely i.e before the end of the defined lifetime, its covered.

I really don't get your next sentence. Why pay for it myself when the Warranty Direct warranty is cheaper than BMWs AND covers 'generic things'?

I am worried about engine/turbo, fuel pump/ suspension so I did buy a warranty. I just didn't buy it from BMW for 900+, I bought if elsewhere for 500 something, while still having the work done by BMW. Major warranty providers don't pay franchised dealers what Joe Public pays. They have buying power so get preferential rates. That's partly how they generate their margins.

With current labour rates, my annual warranty is equivalent to 6 hours total; no parts. With some faults, diagnosis can run that long!
If you have a failure with warranty direct don't think that you won't be picking up a bill.

Let's say your turbo goes, they'll probably make you pay for the removal so they can then do a diagnosis. The diagnosis will be excessive carbon build up, and boom, they wont pay out anyway. So you are twice out of pocket, then will have to grovel with BMW to give you goodwill (which they usually do) but still pay more labour.

If you get really lucky none of that will happen, but they'll say that BMW's 175/hour rate is excessive and cap your labour rate at 100/hr

You have an X5 and a Z4M. Why skimp on this? If they are under 60k the BMW warranty is usually ~800 without breakdown cover, a little bit more for the Z4M.

Also do you think you'll be claiming on the warranty every year? My point with warranties is that usually you don't claim on them every year. The 600 saved over 5 years is 3k. With a full BMW service history you are likely to find that BMW will be quite generous themselves. The turbo's aren't going to blow every year are they?

Also remember with BMW warranty you can go drive line only for turbo's, gearboxes etc.