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Nice car OP - you'll love the manual, even a bad manual is better than an auto

Originally Posted by djgandy View Post
Shifting down into 1st is the biggest pain on the manual, say when approaching a slowish roundabout where you might need that bit of extra power. You have to blip the throttle to ~3k revs else you're going to be juddering all over the place when the clutch engages. On the plus side you can get to ~70mph in 2nd!
Err? As you would in any manual car trying to get first gear on the move, I'm not sure what you mean?

I think what you mean is a larger engines / rear wheel drive shows up poor rev matching due to its high rotating inertia and the lacking rear grip on engine breaking (we all do it ), whereas smaller engines (mainly FWD) just get dragged up the revs when you drop the clutch without rev-matching enough.
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