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Confused.. Misfire

Ok so I've been getting this misfire of something.. When I go WOT with the jb4 turned on "Only", the car hesitates and backfires like crazy, engine light goes on but leaves after a couple of seconds, or if I hit a red light it starts shaking, so I shut off the engine and restart it and then everything is fine. Ok so I called the dealer and the guy that my friends recommended was fine about the jb4. So I brought it to him and since he can see through the key fob whats wrong with it, he didn't see anything. He brought the mechanic in and he plugged in his machine and took it around the street. No misfires or codes. So he told me that it wouldn't be injectors because he would get the code on his screen.. I'm lost now and it's been a while that my car has been doing this. Any help? I know I need to get the wire for jb4 to see if it throws any codes, but does anyone have an idea?
2013 C63 AMG COUPE