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Originally Posted by LittleBlue View Post
I beg to differ , dealer had changed my heads twice to finally sound like a humm when running versus a Diesel engine . Get the heads done, it's a one piece replacement and not bunch of parts, it is pre loaded from what I am being told and its the matter of removing the old head and putting new gasket and replacing it with a new one . I highly recommend it .
It would be helpful to hear a little more detail about your experience. When did you get the first head replaced? When did the ticking sound return? When did you get the second head replaced?

For those of us on the fence about getting this issue resolved it would be helpful to know these details. If you had the head replaced and the ticking still came back then it would seem to suggest that the sound is a normal operational sound (indeed there is a thread on the e89 forum that talks about 2009 and up e89's with ticking on the n52).

If anyone else has had the head replaced and the ticking came back, it would be useful to hear from them as well.