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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
No one is saying it is not a quality product, we are just saying we want numbers to prove it won't have a negative effect as in the tdi. A quality product it might be, but its only useful if it works with the engineering of our cars.

In fact it looks to be GREAT quality and received many compliments as it relates to the preceived build quality on the mini forum. However, the results post installation were less favorable only because the pressure drop was to great resulting in a slight loss of power. (the mini forum link was provided earlier in the post and included some commentary from both Evolve and Wagner)

There are a lot of calculations and testings that must be performed when designing an IC for a particular car. I question the decision of any company that just throws a product out to market without the appropriate R&D simply because they recognize there's a demand.

Good info on the subject:

The intercooler must be large enough to achieve a significant temperature drop while minimizing any pressure drop. Typically, turbo-system engineers try to shoot for 70-percent-or-greater intercooler efficiency and no more than a 1.0 psi boost pressure drop through the unit, although on a street car, packaging constraints may force you to accept up to a 2.5-psi pressure drop and efficiencies as low as 60 percent. There are those who claim, that within reason, pressure drop isnít a serious problem: You can simply compensate by adjusting the wastegate to increase boost. Wrong! If the wastegate is adjusted to raise boost more than about 1 psi to compensate for pressure losses, it produces a slight increase on exhaust-side turbine pressure, which transfers more heat into the compressor, further raising the temperature of the air going into the intercooler and in turn reducing package efficiency. You can chase that tail like a puppy, but youíll never catch it.

Read more:

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