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Originally Posted by GChase View Post
Someone once told me buying a car straight out of college is the worst possible financial decision that you can make in life. I've seen people in the 20-30 range on here drive amazing cars, but still live in crappy apartments. Would you rather drive a junker and have a nice home that you own
You can't own a home. You can own a house, not a home. A home cannot be "owned". (Using the word "home" in this context is a rather silly marketing ploy used by the American "marketologists" to exploit the holes in the brains of some local lemmings. Please, do yourself a favor and don't sound like one of the latter.)

Originally Posted by GChase View Post
or drive your Bimmer and live in a not so nice apartment? Obvious decision for me (the house) but does anyone disagree?
False dichotomy, as usual in such topics.

One can argue that if you live in a area where the price of 3-series BMW competes withe the price of a house, then you first priority would be to move to a better area. So, it is not about houses, apartments or BMWs. It is about "get the hell out of there and quickly!". Once you establish yourself in the new area, you'll have a wiser view of the world around you and thus will be able to make a more thoughtful decision.

And trust me, in a nice area the price of 3-series BMW does not compete with the price of a house. The price of 3-series BMW is essentially pocket money compared to the price of the house. I.e. the issue of "BMW vs. house" simply does not exist.