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Originally Posted by AndreyT View Post
False dichotomy, as usual in such topics.

One can argue that if you live in a area where the price of 3-series BMW competes withe the price of a house, then you first priority would be to move to a better area. So, it is not about houses, apartments or BMWs. It is about "get the hell out of there and quickly!". Once you establish yourself in the new area, you'll have a wiser view of the world around you and thus will be able to make a more thoughtful decision.

And trust me, in a nice area the price of 3-series BMW does not compete with the price of a house. The price of 3-series BMW is essentially pocket money compared to the price of the house. I.e. the issue of "BMW vs. house" simply does not exist.
I made this thread when I was bored one day last year. It was all hypothecial and for fun, like a "Would you rather" situation. Having said that, I agree with everything you wrote, I just didn't mean for this to be literal.