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Originally Posted by john dough View Post
Hey everyone.

3. every single client wants a preferential treatment and requests a BMW loaner. Canbec repair between 70 to 100 cars at a time!!! Honestly every dealer do their best to hold a BMW or Audi loaner for each client but do run out.(especially busy days like freezing temps, snow storms, tire season..etc) Every dealer try's to treat every customers the same BUT people need to realize that some customers own 3 or 4 cars..for example a 7 series and M5 for him, an X5 for her and a 328 for the youngster. Or maybe an X6 M being the 3rd or 4th car the client buys from Canbec, spending easily 500 000$ at this dealer...this owner obviously gets the last BMW loaner before a 1 time owner. This happens in every dealer and it's normal.
You should not assume that people are one time owners. We have had a few BMWs in the family so you're argument is invalid. And, I've had bad service there several times. It is NOT normal to wait hours for a loaner.