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Originally Posted by roofer View Post

Have you ever had a claim dealt with by BMW?

No because i) They were too expensive, ii) I haven't had any claims and iii) It isn't actually BMW, IIRC its someone else like UK Insurance PLC - the same company behind Tesco I believe and several others. Their policy wording was not as good as some other companies. I haven't had a claim so I don't know but as its a legally binding document I'm happy to stick by the wording of it.

Originally Posted by roofer View Post

Why are you on Confused, if your not looking for the cheapest?

Or did you mean you were 'Confused'?
Let's not be silly, of course I was looking for a cheap quote. Just not the cheapest at all costs. Confused is a good starting point, as I clearly said my insurer - privelege - weren't even in the results on confused. All I'm saying is, if price is your motivator then why not go to confused as a start, I don't care if they get paid 100% of the premium as a bung or if their advertising is misleading - they are a means to an end.

Originally Posted by roofer View Post
Confused's advertising leads you to beleive they search all.....they don't, therefore they're lying, so will not get my business, or recomendation.
Hmmm...let's have a look at home page, in black and white:

The place for cheaper car insurance and savings on your home insurance! Fill in one form, and we do all the legwork for you.

We go to 97% of car insurers on the net and 65% of online home insurers.

We go to Admiral, Norwich Union Direct, More Th>n, Kwik-Fit and many more! Our site’s easy to use and it saves you time & money.

Pretty clear to me, not claiming they search all at all in fact.

Originally Posted by roofer View Post
Maybe the fact that i have a clean licence, and reasonable post code helps, but until the man tries for himself, who knows?
Now you are talking sense - one man's cheapest isn't another man's, so yes, try BMW, why not but look at others to.

Originally Posted by roofer View Post
Policies can have loads of magic wording, until its tested, its worth nothing, like when you insist on a BMW repair centre, and they won't give you a courtesy car as a result...who wants a Micra anyway.
Oh, Zurich private clients are very good as well
That's the same with all insurers and hopefully most poeple don't end up making lots of claims to get enough experience. Wording IS worth something - they can't say for instance "we'll give you a new car in the first year" and then not, does your BMW policy do that? Maybe not relevant if your car is > 1 year old.

You have to shop around is all I'm saying, your original post sounded like BMW was all things to all men and it ain't so.
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