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Originally Posted by jonnylin1
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Looks great dude. You do need to go wider

You deserve a 3 piece wheel in your life. I think your past the reps now my friend start building that garage
Haha before i read your comment i was actually hoping it wasn't a negative comment =P I know how you are with reps and fitment!

Thanks for the support tho lmao, how's your 19x12 going?

I'm not exactly sure what i want to do to the front as i'm already tapping the front plastic fenders with my tires at some turns/driveways. Maybe 19x10 but with same 225/35 to maybe gain some clearance? lol.

Rears i'm definitely thinking 19x12 and lower but will need the bump stops, +25et and/or camber arms so i don't hit my struts...

It will be fun to try and figure all that out next
Man you know what your a nice guy on here and have good fitment. You want a 3 piece wheel and want to go wider still so I ain't gonna knock you for the reps gotta start with something. For the front it sucks for you and the damn plastic fender with a 10 the 225/35 can give you some clearance do you have plates upfront? As for the rear 12s would look sick on your shit I got some rear camber arms as well so I can fine tune the fitment and would help you as we'll when you grab the 12s. It's always fun to figure out how to make it work and fit that's what I love lost about it. As for my car right now its winter and snow and salt all over the roads so haven't even started to mess with my set up. Should warm up within the month so I will start test fitting and messing with everything then.