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7 indy shops later and bmw dealer.. Found 2 that understood my car has bluetooth abil

What a nightmare.. I really became the irrate insane customer on this one. Everyone was telling me its impossible that I don't have BT at all or that it would cost 2k. I showed the dealer my MULF with the blue tooth stamp and the FCC serieral. Was told that I don't have bluetooth period..

One place told me to go talk to the sales department and to read my manual on how to link my phone.. I kept trying to tell them it is disabled I can't just link my phone. Then I said so the BMW dealer salesman knows more about the car than your tech?? They said yes when it comes to that stuff..

None the arugments I got made any sense.. How can you say there is no blue tooth tech in the car when you have a part in the trunk that has the blue tooth symbol..

What about having an FCC number.. They don't stick those on random objects. You can look up what type of device is it with that number..

The good news the place I found that is going to do it for half the price of what the dealer would have charged.