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Originally Posted by efdiesel3s View Post
The ohlins are called ROAD & track coilovers. So I'm pretty sure they'll be more than adequate on the street. "This balanced suspension package provides racetrack performance with street comfort" <-- taken from ohlinsusa site.

As for where to get your alignment and corner balance in Florida. I'd ask Improved Racing ( I bought the owners slightly used ohlins pcv with custom swift springs for my RX7. He's a ohlins distributor and an engineer. Should know whats up in Florida.
yeah the guy that owns that place or is quite high up is good friend of a friend but its a bit far away

Originally Posted by DSC_OFF View Post
I'm surprised you are tracking with vmr's and ebc red. Those wheels are ridiculously heavy and those pads are really meant for street use.

While ohlins are ideal not sure how streetable those are assuming you're not trailoring this car. If this car is still your daily I'd look for something more street friendly, ie kw clubsports which come with camber plates.
i have been told the ohlins road and track are perfect for a street/ track setup.

the vmr wheels had good offsets for the size tire i wanted to run 255/285 but i think im going to make the switch to apex ec7 18x9 front 265 and 18x10.5 305 rear

Originally Posted by wonho View Post
You got a lot of power and r comps. If Red stuff doesn't workout for you, let me advise you to save some money and troubles of trying other useless pads, and go straight to PFC01.
The pads were on the car and i just decided to use them i have recently been looking into pagid yellow endurance pads at least thats what i think they are. ive looked around on the m3 forums and alot of people seem to like them alot and they seem to last a while

but i will look into the pfc01

Also whats the best mod you have done for your car for the track? Im expecting suspension brakes tires driving school etc.. but i would like to hear some small things that you have done that surprised you
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