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Originally Posted by Mr.Ritz View Post
All 2009 328is have telephone prep right? Mine isn't listed but I have MULF with usb/ipod idrive, hdd and idrive. I have a telephone button to.. I don't have to run another mic wire do I since I have voice commands?
No, they don't. Mid production they stopped including phone prep, mine doesn't have it.

If you have voice command, I'll assume you also have iDrive? That means you have a mic, but it's more likely connected directly to the CIC than it is to the MULF. If you have phone prep, you can repin the mic in the junction box area from the CIC to direct to the MULF. If you don't have phone prep, you definitely have to run a new wire. It's probably easier to run a new wire either way.

I've personally done my car (328i 2009 no idrive no prep) and one other (335i 2009 idrive don't recall prep) and ran wires for both of them.