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Originally Posted by Mr.Ritz View Post
Yeah I have idrive pro.. So you just end up running another wire to where the mic is in the roof? Do you get all the options for telephone once you run that wire? With working telephone buton on the wheel and idrive controls? How long did it take you to run that wire and how hard?
Well, you have to get the car coded up to unlock the options. I actually coded the car first just to make sure that spending money on hardware (mic, wire) was worth it. Which is good, too, coding wasn't trivial in my case.

But yes, anyway, all you need is the mic and to run that cable. I ran under the headliner, down the driver's A pillar, through the dash down into the pedal trim by the FRM, under the scuff plate, past the B pillar, up under the seat and into the trunk.

Search around, there's lots of info on all of this.