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Originally Posted by guru_method View Post
For track I would reccomend higher offsets so you can run full size tires. The 9/10 +22 will be more of a "flush" look and will rub without proper fender roll, camber and a little stretch. This is not the most aggressive setup ever and it will look good on the street if fitted properly, however, I'd look into some nice 18s for the track, maybe some Apex Wheels.

235/35/19s & 265/30/19s are probably the widest tires you could run with those wheels and still be able to fit them.
I am trying to avoid having to get dedicated track tires, as I already have a set of dedicated winters taking up space, but I have considered getting Apex track wheels, might be a good idea to get dedicated track wheels. My only question/problem with this is that if I do need to roll the fenders for the 19x10 ET22, would smaller tires/wheels like a 18" track setup look weird? Is 265/30/19 normal size for a stretched size for 19x10?

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With stock suspension it will fit no problem. Not the best track set up though like above said and I your tracking it are you not doing some suspsion upgrades therefor the car will be lowered?
The car is still fairly new, so I don't plan on upgrading the suspension just yet, but I have looked at the JRZ RS1 non-height-adjustable dampers (reviewed by CJ421 and some others) and it seems like the drop will be very minimal from the ZSP suspension. Besides, isn't it a better idea to not lower the car too much for track, since that would affect the balance of the car? (This idea seems intuitive to me)

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It will fit, tire stretch and camber won't be necessary.
I really hope you are right! Will it rub without tire stretch and camber? BTW you have a really insane setup! Too low for me, but I can really appreciate it.

Thanks for the replies, keep them coming! Visual aids are welcome too. I am completely new to fitting wheels, so I might be a little inquisitive, hope no one minds!