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netbook hard drive question?!

A few months back I dropped my small net book, cracked the screen and when it dropped the hard drive flew out, well I put the hard drive back in and used the computer for about a month via hdmi cord through a HDTV, worked fine, after a few weeks it started to crash and it would not want to boot at all it said I may have a connection problem or a bad hard drive, after taking the battery out it would sometimes load and boot up but then crash again, so after installing my new screen I opened up the computer and the hard drive seemed to not be connected correctly it was loose on the power source, I pluged it back in correctly and now no issues, Im wondering if this could have been the problem or is my computer going to crash again, thanks alot. -Denise
PS. I just purchased a new ipad and a mac book pro but I still love my little acer and I want it to work I have alot of stuff on the hard drive.