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Drives: '11 E91 M-sport/manual
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My lease was ending on my '10 E90/335/Xdrive/auto, found an '11/E91/328/M-sport/6MT at my dealer and swapped cars the day I saw it. I gave up 70hp and nearly 100 lb/ft, but I don't miss it at all. I love the combination of the rear-drive/manual/sport suspension, car is much more involving to drive than the 335 was. I'm about to take it on a 7k mile round trip soon, and I don't think I'd be looking as forward to driving the auto 335 this much.

My 335 had paddles and I used them all the time, but I missed having a manual. I thought about waiting for the F31, but when I found out that they wouldn't be importing any of the F31 wagons with manuals I jumped on this E91.