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Yep, get a roll of this vinyl, i recommend 4 inch width, and try and wrapping it if your brave. Its the best way.

That being said, its honestly more difficult to wrap than most panels of the car itself... might want to pay someone to do it if you want it done really well.

You definitely need a heat gun and a ceramic blade xacto to tackle the project. Good Luck!

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Listen; idk where you came up with 150 for vinyl but go here

This is vinyl wrap cut specially for our trims to make it easier. You can get it in GLOSS BLACK or MATTE BLACK. only 35 bucks.

Side note to you with matte grilles: I also had matte and didn't like the way it looked on jet black. I bought a can of clear coat and sprayed them and they came out perfect and a great balance between gloss and matte.. More on the gloss side. Keep it in mind if you get bored with matte.