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My pride and joy was in an accident. Should I use this opportunity to do some mods?

Nearly 2 weeks ago, my '07 328i fell prey to the icy West Virginia roads, or rather, one of the other drivers on it. A Honda Accord slid into my car, causing it to a hit a third vehicle. I was concerned that the offending driver's insurance was going to call it an act of unsafe road conditions, and tell me to hit up my own insurance for repairs. Luckily for me, the other person's insurance has been totally cool during the whole process, at least thus far. Props to you, State Farm.

I got notice today that my car isn't totaled, which I have mixed feelings about. On one hand, my resale value just took a hit. I was also concerned that my CPO would be null and void, but my local stealership told me that they'd honor the remainder of my CPO if they did the repairs.

On the other hand, the last 12 days of searching our "For Sale" section as well as Autotrader hasn't yielded any close matches. Sure, it's just a 328i, but I've become quite fond of my iDrive, Logic7, Comfort Access, Montego Blue, etc. that make my car semi-unique. I just couldn't find anything (in my albeit, short-term search) that was a match for what I expected to be paid out in the event of a total loss. In that respect, I'm happy she lives to drive another day.

State Farm is sending me the check, and any overages will be paid directly to the body shop. This affords me the opportunity to make some upgrades at little or no cost.

So what do you guys think? She was totally stock, but I'm thinking of giving her a face lift. I'll for sure need a new front and rear bumper. I was considering a M-Sport or an LCI if they're direct plug and play. I'm also rocking halogen lamps, which I wouldn't mind ditching for projector lenses. Any other suggestions?