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Originally Posted by Karbon View Post
You're welcome and thanks!

The M-Sport has the diffuser. It's black on all M-Sport equipped cars no matter the color. Sports does not have a diffuser it's all one peice painted bumper.

I honestly can't see any height difference between both bumpers. I haven't actually measured but both are sports packages so essentially they should have the same ride height. I am pretty sure it just looks lower because of the bumper design and the diffuser. (To see what I mean look at the exhaust pipes and where the bumper sits at in relation to them on both cars. The M-Sport is primarily cosmetic, save for the steering wheel, so it wouldn't change the height of the exhaust)

If you put a non-sport or xDrive side-by-side with a sport or M-sport you'd see a clear ride height difference.

If you're buying a black M-Sport you'll see a little color difference because the diffuser is a more matte black peice. It's not shiny at all.
For some reason if you look at the rear bumper right behind the wheel, the m-sport does look a little bigger then the regular sport. But overall there shouldn't be any major difference.
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