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Originally Posted by e90drvr View Post
Hey, sorry for the delay:

Any luck so far?
You should really compare your current files to your backups to see the differences. Remember that mine are both a different VO than yours and somewhat modified.

Good luck and let me know if you need anything else.

I just found another a part of translated CAS module that explains what the _1, _2, _3 and _4 at the end of the settings mean: they're linked to the keys.
So the settings I gave you (SEL_ZV_SENDER_x) correspond to each one of four keys along with the initialization setting for activating the selective central locking feature (ZV_SELEKTIV). Which explains why only my _1 changed. Always learning something new.
hi,no worries man.I've done the comparison between the backup i made and the current one.weired thing is it seems they are identical..well,a little backgroud about my car.i think it had been coded before i bought it,because the digital speed was there and i believe the unlocking option with fob was coded,too.(that's why a lot of ppl without idrive seem to not know this feature,i stand to be corrected tho)My point is that when it read the files from the ecu for the first time, they were somehow default settings(factory one) or I might have accidentally replaced the backup file.and i compared mine with yours as well,there IS a lot of diferent lines and values there.dont have a clue what they are even with help of google anyway,i think im gonna give it up for now as it's not all that improtant already helped me big time!

translated module?nice find!btw,do you happen to know anything about disabling the rain sensor on the windshield.the reason for that is mine never works properly.(it's slow and adjusting the speed level doesnt help at all) i've seen ppl say disabling the auto sensor will activate maunal intermittent(works like those ones without rain sensor) I'd much rather have that instead.