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Originally Posted by matlough View Post
Hello M135i :-)
Just ordered one of these... Can't wait!
(Delivery due beginning May)

5 door M135i in Alpine white
Manual 6sp
Driver comfort package
Park Distance Control (PDC), front and rear
Visibility package
Media package - BMW Professional Multimedia 609 Navigation-system Professional
BMW Assist
BMW Assist online portal
Enhanced Bluetooth functionality incl. BMW
Assist with USB audio interface
Adaptive M Sport suspension
Ext. mirrors - folding, auto dimming Elec Fr Seats + Driver Memory Lumbar support, driver and front pass. Extended storage
Seat heating, front
High-gloss Black interior trim finisher Headlight wash
Harman Kardon - Hi-Fi
Telephone USB audio interface BMW Apps interface
Black panel display, full
5 year / 60k service pack

Test drove the Auto which is very very good, but in the end decided that I would miss the interaction with a stick.

Also looking forward to a decent audio system having put up with the s#%t standard system for all this time!

Anyone else made/making the move?

Mine arrives in March. Sold my Z4M (scratched the Cabriolet itch) and will trade the X5 (don't need so much space anymore) and wanted something both practical and relatively economical with handling and performance. The M135i is slightly faster than the Z4M with loads more down low torque and switchable comfort cruising or back road hooning modes.

Your spec is almost identical to my 'alternative'. I eventually ordered whatever the blue colour is with black seats.....but Alpine White with red upholstery was a close 2nd. Just thought the UK's filthy roads would be a real pain with white.

As a dyed-in-the wool manual fan, I've had several ATs and they've always been a major dissapointment, making the car feel dull and slow(er) vs. MT and interfering with driver interaction (picking the wrong place to downshift, not downshifting soon enough etc. yet never satisfying in their manual mode due to sluggish, slurred shifts). The MT on the M135i is a peach. Smooth, beautifully weighted shifts, no baulkiness and perfectly positioned shifter. I had absolutely no problem with 1st to 2nd, or the usually more problematic 2nd to 1st. The latter downshift always needs some revs, due to low ratio/engine braking, unless you want to lock your rears momentarily or ride the clutch. Can't remember many roads where I need 1st and coming into roundabouts, 1st is only required for <5mph, in which case the downshift is by definition speed/rev matched.
Having said all that, I ordered the 8 speed AT. I tried both boxes and loved the 8spd's manual mode, with almost instant shifts and hook up. Late braking with 2 instant down shifts, all while keeping both hands on the wheel put back the driving fun and the extra acceleration and economy and lower CO2 swayed the argument in the ATs favour. The box is probably as good as AT is going to get any time soon, so for me, this will be a proper test of my AT vs. MT preference.

As a fan of good music on the move I'm particularly looking forward to the upgraded HK ICE. My last 4 cars have had BMW's 'Business' upgrade, which was OK in the LCI 330d but pretty crappy in the others. This is one area I may still go for an afternarket improvement, depending on how good the HK really is.

The other big temptation is Bird's Quaffe LSD. As a 1,600 upgrade its likely to make major improvements in traction, on-limit handling and the transition into overseer. Those improvements will no doubt translate into a more relaxing, more drivable car when roads get twisty or damp.

All in all I'm really looking forward to getting the M135i which hopefully ticks all the boxes it promises to on paper.

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