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Originally Posted by Nikki.Alexa
Originally Posted by Mr.Ritz View Post
How many miles what car...

2007 335. 75k
Both are common issues. Transmission blessing in disguise has you should drain and fill your tranny anyways. But most likely it will be your mechatronic sleeve in transmission. Simple fix but the dealer will rape you in labor as parts are relatively inexpensive.

If you had your car for a month is there any type of warranty on your vehicle from the dealership you purchased it from?

The gasket leak is it leaking from the valve cover or leaking from the oil filter housing?

Also for future reference buying bmws are like buying windows operating systems; You never want to buy the first version because it full of bugs.

2007 was the first year of the N54 platform. I am in same boat as I bought 2006 330i n52. Alot of issues have been worked out but some have only been identified and still plague the platform.

Ps how is you seatbelt hander thingy? That thing seem flimsy as hell to me.