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Originally Posted by xPETEZx View Post
Ok thats good to hear. The wear is outer on both fronts.
I measured the distance between Arch on wheel on both sides, and its 5mm offside and 6mm nearside (The worn tyre side)
Guess this must be normal?
Still worth getting an alignment check just to be sure.....
The type of wear you have is very typical of a Bridgestone RFT on the front of the car. It can wear like that even with a good alignment. The nearside often wears more, as in a lot of driving it takes more abuse, like using lots of roundabouts.

One reason is, although the pressures may be to door plate recommendation, the lowest setting is not high enough to get the car running off of the sidewalls, particularly if the car is used for lots of shortish trips (even up to 15 miles or so), as the tyre doesn't get hot enough to get to working pressure. I know all this through experience, I went through it 6-years ago on my E91, with BMW and Bridgestone. Did a lot of research as my car was still nealy new, obviously there was a cause, or causes. A full KDS showed nothing out of tolerance, and BMW recommended trying an increase of tyre pressure, which I did, found it needed about an extra 0.3bar for normal running. The door plate showed 2.1bar for normal use, I ran 2.4bar to balance ride and wear. Even that small amount slowed the wear, and with conventional tyres fitted there was balanced wear across the tyres. Really confirming it wasn't geometry, but tyre pressures and slow tyre warm up.

I note you are giving very low figures for ride height, (if I'm reading your figures right) so assume the car has been lowered. I wonder if when that was done the geometry was not corrected for the lowered suspension.

Certainly get the geometry checked out, (4-wheel alignment not just a tracking check), as you do need to know there isn't an issue. But don't be surprised if there isn't an issue, unless the lowering has taken it out of specification.