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Originally Posted by xPETEZx View Post
The car has not been lowered as far as I am aware. I am its second owner, and the previous was company car.
My measurement was very crude. Just a ruler held up to the gap between Tyre and Arch.

So would you recommend going with new tyres and then a full 4-wheel alignment just to be sure?


Hoping to get tyres changed this weekend.

Anybody got any firm recommendations? (I know this topic has been trampled to death.)
If you really mean 5 & 6mm then you are lowered, if you intended to write 5 & 6cm then that is about it for the SE suspension.

There are lots of suitable non run-flat tyes for a 3-series. Depends what you want and are after. Tyres such as the Michelin PS3, Continental Sport Contact 3, Goodyear F1 asymmetric, Dunlop Sport Maxx, and more. Plus in the mid range, good performance tyres from Hankook, Kumho, Falken, Vredestein, to name a few.

You can't go wrong with a Michelin, Continental or Goodyear, even our 'infamous' Bridgestone make top performance tyres. I've run Bridgestone over the years, it was only the Potenza RFT that messed up.

Certainly get the car checked/aligned, on something like a Hunter rig.

If you are moving from RFTs (as it appears you are) recommend you do all four tyres. The tyre industry does not recommend doing it in pairs. Not sure your insurance company would like it either.