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Originally Posted by Sethism View Post
I wouldn't advise this. My wife drove an '07 Corolla S, purchased brand new, for a couple of years. Parts literally started falling off (roof channel trim) as we drove off the lot. It was all downhill from there. When the ECU failed at 20,000 miles, we walked away from tha total piece of shit.

It was, without question, the most unreliable and poorly screwed together car I have ever owned. My MG is more reliable than that Corolla.
Well obviously you had the bad experience. You have to go by the reliablity reports seeing that you have a better percentage of getting a reliable car with that car company over others. It's like gambling. BMW is the high hisk gamble and it's know. A 335i is even more of a gamble. 335i= 7 more failures then a 328.
I won't argue that the 335i isn't an amazing driving car, it's just a nightmare for alot of people.