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Originally Posted by girdleb View Post
First time poster here!

I'm in need of getting some repairs and I was wondering if anyone has had any work done at Euro Asian Motorworks? The reviews online are mixed, so I wanted to check with you guys.

Also I'm pretty mechanically inclined so I'd rather do the work myself, but I just moved here and don't have a garage available to me. So if anyone just LOVES working on stuff, and has a garage, it would be awesome to meet a friend to work on cars together.
Welcome to the forum.

I do most if not all of the work on my car. I am a mechanic by trade and now work in a body shop and have the tools to support what I do.

I also detail cars as a hobby and pastime as I enjoy turning a hammered finish into a thing of beauty.

This is the most in depth job to date. This was a 3 day all out show car finish.

I have also done a few members cars on here. Let me know if you need work done and we can negotiate what needs done.
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