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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
+1 suprised there are no reps about.

RE the CSLs, yes they seem popular on here, and a few members seem to have them, but I drive 30K a year and I'm always on the look out for mods, but I have NEVER EVER seen a single E9x on CSL reps EVER on the road.

Maybe they all too busy posing out side Krispy Kreme and don't take them on the road??
No I agree, they seem a lot more common on forums but hardly ever seen in real life as most seem happy to stick with the standard wheels.

I was more on about the fact that most of the alloy wheels suppliers seem to only do CSL reps and maybe 1 or 2 other variations. There just doesn't seem to be as wide a varierty of choice for BMW's as for other marques. I gave up looking for alloys in the end as I didn't really want CSL reps and their is very little else available unless you want to spend top dollar and get them imported from the US.