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Originally Posted by Stotty View Post

I have a 08 e92 320d msport and i want a more aggresive look.
I have the 19" 225m mv4 wheels.

I have measured from the outer edge of the arch to get a proper aggressive look.

Looks like i could get away with 20mm spacers but from what i have read seems like 20mm is to much. why is this ????

I have msprt suspension and rarely have 4 people in the car.

Advice please. Also pics please.
Measure to the inside edge and you will find out why. A good rule of thumb is to measure to the inside of the fender lip from your tire and back off about 1/4", 1/8". I can't tell you how many tires I've seen with cuts through the sidewall and shoulder of their tires because they didn't account for the inner fender lip when their springs compressed.

If you want the most aggressive stance, you will have to roll your fenders. That will give you more clearance, others will say that you can also make it work by stretching the tire on the wheel, but all you are doing is putting a tire with a small contact patch and an unsafe load carrying capacity on your vehicle.

Spacers directly affect offset, even the same wheel from the same manufacturer can come in different offsets (negating the need for spacers) so without knowing your offset no one can give you an exact figure for spacers, even knowing your offset the best we can give is an estimate.
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