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Originally Posted by py0413 View Post
Isn't the S7 in the market to compete with the 650GC. Here at my local dealers, S7 has a window sticker of around $100k full load while in the BMW showroom a 6GC is at $122k. They are all expensive cars but how is Audi being too expensive in this case? (Also, fully loaded S6 is $89k vs fully loaded 550ix @ $92k) I didn't go online to figure them myself, those are what I saw 2 days while visiting both local dealers. (Canadian dollar as in BC)
Originally Posted by Veloce View Post
I completely disagree, the S6/S7 pricing points are spot on. Have you driven either to comment about their respective performance? The new S6 is a very well engineered vehicle at a bargain price compared to its competitors. I'm currently debating on getting rid of the M3 for the S6 because I was so impressed, and I'm no Audi guy.

My comment was misunderstood. It's how I value cars, given what I look for in a car. I'm not talking about the price point relative to market etc, I'm sure it's priced competitively. To me and what I look for in a car, I won't pay that for the S7 or RS7. Needless to say, we all derive personal value differently.

Here's a shocker: The E9X M3, to me, is not worth it's sticker. That's why I bought pre-owned in the $40k range. To me it's worth every penny that I paid. I wouldn't sleep easy at night had I paid $67k+ for my car.
To many, it is worth $67k+, nothing wrong with that, everyone derives value differently.