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driving license help!! 12 points but over more than 3 years

Hi All,

The internets isn't proving all powerful at answering my question so I'm asking you chaps for help.

My mum has gone and accepted a NIP for 6 points for slightly running a light at 4am on a deserted road (yes shes still in the wrong...I know). She already had 6 points so I'm thinking automatic ban is in order. Turns out the 12 points have to be in a 3 yr period for an auto ban. Her first 3 points where 02/01/10 next 3 in 01/06/10 and the 6 points 23/01/13. So she will have 12 points but over more than a 3 yr period.

So, whay happens in that case? auto court appearance? the fact she had the option of a NIP makes me say no but they may have processed it wrong and send a summons through. As long as she aint banned from driving thats all that matters. she can suffer the extra cost and driving whilst speedo watching like some of us have been through.

Thanks for your help,