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Originally Posted by AdamC View Post
Very nice car! Love the colour.

Originally Posted by Jaime_E90 View Post
Looks good man!
Thank you guys.

Originally Posted by Alen E90 View Post
i love seeing pics of your E90 and the new mods that you got on look great, thanks for sharing and i think that your car will look perfect once the M-Sport rear goes on, good luck and keep us posted with the pics!
Thanks. First i wasn't going to change the rear ,but what can you do.For summer i will have the rear bumper and the spacers for apex arc8 so 18x9.5 et12 rear.How your E90.2 project is going on?

Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
I like the Apex wheels..what did you think of the style 158's..I too used to have them
Infact i kinda liked the look of the style 158, but hated how deep those where in the wheel well and i didn't want to use spacers like 20-25mm thick.

Originally Posted by Frode D View Post
You have made good progress from the first pictures, to the last ones
Thank you. I remember when i got the car.One first things i noticed that it is already lowered and that's how it all began