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Points are only valid for three yrs, but stay on your licence for four.

So if I've got this correct, your Mum would only have had 3 VALID points at the date of the offence, so a ban will not be a given.

I'd expect she'll receive a Paypal request for some readies on behalf of 'HMWSYA'.
(Her Majesty's we skin you alive)

6 Pts for running a red light!
Seems incredibly harsh, have they toughened up?
I only got 5pts for 104 on the M3, mind you it was a good few yrs back, I now feel cheated!

It's a shame your Mum didn't have a word with Vicki Pryce when she got the NIP,Vicky collects points like she was in Tesco.

Good luck to your Mum,have you suggested Specsavers,or perhaps a colour blindness test

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