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Thanks for the comment. I do not want to stop supporting the community however the majority of the community has not really showed much interest over the past 4 years. I do have a lot of forum members that have supported me though.

I still have shirts in stock from 4 years ago and my last batch from over a year ago. It does not seem like they sell any faster when I try to sell them at my cost where I lose money for each one shipped or at my regular price where I can make a few dollars for my time and efforts.

I always get people that will say…

If it did not have flames I would buy it…

If it was white and not black I would have bought one, etc…

It is like when you put a car for sale on the forum and you will get people that say “man if it was manual transmission I would have bought it” when you know they had no interest to begin with.

So in a nutshell what I have left on here is all I will be putting up. Once they are gone they are gone. It has been fun being able to provide these to other members here on the forum and again I thank everyone here that has purchased from me in the past and that will purchase from me in the future until these are gone.

One thing you all can count on is my customer service. I typically ship the very same day purchased even when I was not making a dime on these. I am 100% customer service oriented!

Again thanks for your post.

Keep in touch!

If you will be purchasing ANY AT&T services online or in store could you mention that you were referred by me? My Employee Referral ID is eo4489. This would be a great help and it costs you nothing, thank you!

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