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I found it! It was hard to spot because it's subtle and I wasn't getting the angle right. cc-id 132 apparently means the bulb for the right side "angel eyes" which is, to put it explicitly, is the light ring around the headlights. You have to be low enough (or far enough away) to see the ring illuminate, and with the headlights on it's kind of blinding to look at in the first place. Turn on the running lights (first click to the right of off) and they should go on, get level with the lights and you should see the rings illuminated on the driver's side, and not on the passenger's side (assuming, like me you only have cc-id 132, if you have both which I think would be 132 and 131 but that's just a guess, then obviously you should see no illuminated rings at all).

So to re-state in a way hopefully a search engine will find and save someone some time:
cc-id 132 is the right side headlight ring illumination bulb ("angel eye") on an 2006 BMW 330xi. part number 63117161444.

Since I have go in there anyway to replace it, aftermarket LED replacements seem to be cheaper in a 2 pack than a single OEM replacement, so might be a nice mod.