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Originally Posted by GiorgioIr View Post
Damn man that's tough. You know, when keying is involved, its usually personal. It might be your gf's ex. or a jelly neighbor. If it was a plain robber, he wouldn't have spent an extra 15 seconds keying your shit and kicking your door. Instead he would have took off like lightning as soon as he has searched your interior.
That's what I'm saying! Its a super personal kinda thing cuz they took the time to make sure my car was fckd up all the way thru. If it was just a break in, I wouldn't care as much and just get it fixed. But this went tooo far.
Originally Posted by GiorgioIr View Post
Tap your alarm to this :P :
To be completely honest, you have made my morning XD hahahahaha

Originally Posted by jbcourt View Post
The Perpetrator must have a death wish. Sux you didn't catch them in the act :-(
Dude If I came outside and saw someone bashing my car I would beat them to a bloody pulp. They would need lots of reconstructive surgery. And when I got out of jail I'd mess their car all up.
If I would've caught them in the act, they would've had slugs in their chest. I would've definitely slugged them and took off because if there isn't cameras to help me with finding who did this to my car, what's to say there'll be a camera to save them? Lol

Originally Posted by CarFan View Post
Here's a good principle in life: Leave other people's sh*t alone! It's not cute, it's not a prank, it's not hilarious. It's other people's property. In the state of Texas you can use deadly force to protect your car. You can shoot as you approach or as they attempt to drive off or anything else that they might be doing in or on your car.

Perhaps if more states adopted a similar policy more people would remember to leave other people's stuff alone.

OP, sorry to hear about this.
Sounds like I need to move to Texas !

Originally Posted by Njprince0226 View Post
That blows. No camera's or anything near by? Best of luck !
There's none at all :/ and thank you
Originally Posted by P1et View Post
That sounds almost unbelievable, sorry that happened. Always good to have a beater if you'll be shacking in shady areas.
I do have a beater lol and a nice sized glock but of courser those would only help if I caught them :/
Originally Posted by Maaarkk View Post
Damn, that sucks bad. Hopefully the perpetrator/s get what they deserve.
Had some scumbags stop in front of my old car on a narrow road and jump out, as I was realising what they were at I tried pulling out and getting around them and got a boot in the side of my car and had to get a whole new rear quarter.
Some people just can't accept that others have nice things, and seem to act out of jealousy in ridiculous ways.
Sadly for me though, after pulling out my rear quarter panel once from getting it kicked, it was then again kicked. This time though, it looks like someone tackled the car :'(
Time for m3 rear qps? Lol

Originally Posted by Maaarkk View Post
P.S. in for pics.
Will be up soon!
Originally Posted by deluxe 247 View Post
I left my m3 unlocked once and they took $3 and a shirt but didn't snag my ipod
Just found out they stole my free planned parenthood condoms -.- lmao! Left the trojans and everything expensive. Fckn losers hahahaahaha
Originally Posted by markham335i View Post
ah sorry to hear that... scum of the earth i guess... at least its all fixable
I just hope it all returns to normal, might wanna repaint the car nd change the look after though
Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
I'm going to use a very simple analogy, I hope you'll understand.
Driving is like having sex.
It really is. You can read up all you want about how to please a woman, you can look at all the diagrams in the world, but just like the clitoris, you won't know what the hell an apex is before you actually find it.